Briefing on Housing Integrated Management System (HIMS) by KPKT

Briefing on Housing Integrated Management System (HIMS)


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Ministry of Housing & Local Government (KPKT)

The National Housing Development (JPN), KPKT has developed the Housing Integrated Management System (HIMS), a single entry system to replace BLESS, IDAMAN and e-Pemaju. On 31 January 2022, HIMS is expected to go live, while BLESS, IDAMAN and e-Pemaju will be simultaneously shut down.

The first session in the Klang Valley was successfully held on 21 December 2021 and due to the overwhelming response from members to join the briefing, KPKT has agreed to organise another session for Klang Valley developers which will be held via physical as well as online (hybrid), details of which are as follows: -

  • Date                     :           13 & 14 January 2022 (2 days)
  • Time                     :           9.30 am – 5.00 pm
  • Venue/Platform  :           Wisma REHDA, Kelana Jaya OR online (Zoom)

Whilst some topics may have been covered in the earlier session, the upcoming session will comprise more topics and it is very important for developers’ staff members to attend the said briefing. This session will focus on the following modules and simulation of the new system (HIMS):

  • Modul Permohonan Lesen Pemajuan Perumahan
  • Modul Permohonan Permit Iklan & Jualan
  • Modul Pengeluaran HDA
  • Modul Penghantaran Laporan 7(e) & 7(f)
  • Rekod Transaksi (Janaan Resit kepada Pemaju)
  • Modul Pengurusan HDA / BG
  • Modul Pengurusan SPA
  • Modul Pengurusan Pembeli
  • Modul Pengurusan dan Pemantauan Projek